AEM Cloud Service Log Tailing: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Tips

AEM Cloud Service Log Tailing: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Tips

Tailing AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) logs in AEM Cloud Service is a common task for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes. AEM Cloud Service is a managed service provided by Adobe that runs AEM in a cloud environment, and accessing logs may differ slightly from an on-premises setup. Here's a general process to tail AEM logs in AEM Cloud Service:

So, here are the steps to go through to tail logs on an AEM as a Cloud Service environment:

Step 1: Set up Adobe I/O CLI

Launch the Command Prompt/Terminal and install Adobe I/O CLI. More details on Adobe IO CLI here

Check whether Node is installed or not if it's not please install. More details on installation Node

$ npm install -g @adobe/aio-cli

Post Install of adobe/ aio-cli

$ aio info
output: - 
rj00752505@BGINCHAMLP00792 ~ % aio info

    OS: macOS 13.4.1
    CPU: (10) arm64 Apple M1 Pro
    Memory: 87.38 MB / 16.00 GB
    Shell: 5.9 - /bin/zsh
    Docker: Not Found
    @adobe/aio-cli: 9.3.0

Step 2: Configure the Adobe IO Cloud Manager CLI Plugin


aio plugins:install @adobe/aio-cli-plugin-cloudmanager


$ aio plugins:update

Step 3: Authentication

a) Browser-Based Authentication - Browser-based authentication starts by running this command.

aio auth:login

This command will open a browser window in which you will authenticate using your Adobe Identity.

Note: You can choose any type of authentication***.***

b) Service Account Authentication To use a service account authentication, an integration (aka project) must be created in the Adobe I/O Console which has the Cloud Manager service.

The required type of server-to-server authentication

  "client_id": "value from your CLI integration (String)",
  "client_secret": "value from your CLI integration (String)",
  "jwt_payload": { value from your CLI integration (JSON Object Literal) },
  "token_exchange_url": ""

Step 4: Setting Up the Default Program and Default Environment

To Find the Env and Program id - Navigate to, you’ll see a URL after logging in like “{PROGRAM_NUMBER}”

$ aio config:set cloudmanager_programid 34562 // setting up default program
$ aio config:set cloudmanager_environmentid 124551 //setting up default env

Useful Command

  1. To List list all the program
$ aio cloudmanager:list-programs

 Program Id    Name                Enabled 
 ────────── ───────────────────── ───────  
 43674       sandbox-B2c              true    
 34562       sandbox-B2b              true
  1. To List all the Environments
$  aio cloudmanager:list-environments 

 Environment Id Name                                  Type  Description       
 ────────────── ───────────────────────────────────── ───── ─────────────────
 124551          demo                          dev   dev environment n          
 9845628         demo-prod                     prod  prod   This is prod env.
  1. To List list all the log-options
$ aio cloudmanager:list-available-log-options 124551 
 Environment Id Service            Name          
 ────────────── ────────────────── ───────────── 
 124551         preview_dispatcher httpdaccess   
 124551         preview_dispatcher httpderror    
 124551         preview_dispatcher aemdispatcher 
 124551         author             aemaccess     
 124551         author             aemerror      
 124551         author             aemrequest

4)To Tailing the Author error log

$  aio cloudmanager:tail-log 121351 author aemerror
25.09.2023 15:34:56.428 [cm-p33452-e121351-aem-author-54c7ddc56c-vf8vb] *INFO* [sling-oak-observation-5] UPS Feature is disabled
25.09.2023 15:34:56.452 [cm-p33452-121351-aem-author-54c7ddc56c-vf8vbJ *INFO* [ [1695656096450] GET /mnt/overlay/granite/ui/content/shell/header/actions/
Search path limiter configured with searchPathLimiterFeatureToggleOn: true and searchPathThreshold: true
25.09.2023 15:34:56.469 [cm-p33452-e121351-aem-author-54c7ddc56c-vf8vb] *INFO* [ [1695656096468] GET /mnt/overlay/granite/ui/content/shell/header/actions/
Search path limiter configured with searchPathLimiterFeatureToggleOn: true and searchPathThreshold: true.

Similarly, you can tail any logs.

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